Friday, July 23, 2010

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Er.. so hi.

I can't wait for raya. But like, the closer it is to raya, the closer it is to trials, and the closer it is to SPM. Hoh scary mary. But anyway, yeah raya ! I got pretty pretty kebaya's in the making now and I love it so I can't wait to show it off hahaha. And the duit raya though I'm getting old for it but hey, I'm still not married therefore I still deserve money $$$ And of course the food. Dude, I spend my mornings (after raya) eating leftover lemang and ketupat, it gets gross after some time. And Mak Tok's routine lauk for lunch and dinner NEVER gets old. I eat 2 plates PER MEAL. It's gross but too sedap gila out of this world punya sedap to turn down.
We don't really go ziarah-menziarahi because in Penang tak banyak pun nak ziarah-menziarahi hahahah so basically we just stay at home and eat. It's never ending, really. I'm going to bring books and study. And leave my laptop behind. Maybe. I'll think about it.

It's not fair how some people on earth can not study but still get an A, rasa macam WTF ! How is it some people don't have to put that extra effort when some people (like me) do ? :'(

I'm really really really really really craving for the tapas at La Bodega now. OMNOMNOM so sedap k just thinking about it. Haih. Why can't they do delivery :'(

I seriously want to get hold of some Topshop make up goodies and fill up my make up bag with more cosmetics. I am officially in love with my Barbie pink Chanel lipstick. And there'll be a Sephora here soon and I'm so stoked !!! Need to get my hands on some glitter.

I want Gabe Bondoc to do more covers.

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