Monday, July 12, 2010

WC '10

The next World Cup will be held in Brazil and I am more than determined to make my way there.

And I'll be all out for Germany ! And I'm so giddy that Mueller got the Golden Shoe award as well as the Best Young Player. Well deserved.

Now for picture spam !

I have concluded that ;
  • I love Germany and the Netherlands.
  • Jesus Navas has the prettiest eyes.
  • Oezil is a Muslim which makes him more (Y)(Y)(Y)
  • Nobody can really beat Higuain though. He is gorgeous beyond words.
  • Talent wise, I can't really say because I've never been watching football 'til recently so I'm in no place to judge how good they are.
  • BUT I LOVE MUELLER HEHEHE he looks a bit like my cousin but oh well, I love him and Sneijder.
  • I actually really wanted the Japanese to at least get a placing.
  • The commentators were very informative. Like, did you know, Puyol dubbed 'The Caveman' for obvious reasons, practices yoga and is one of the most intellectual person on the squad ? Looks are deceiving. HMMM
  • 6 successive wins have been achieved by the Dutch en route to the finals. Only Brazil have managed that before.
  • I saw Charlize Theron, Morgan Freeman and Mick Jagger at the tournaments.
  • ISN'T PUYOL GILA BAPAK BAIK TO TAKE TIME OFF FROM HIS CELEBRATION TO CONSOLE THE DUTCH ? He did that too with the Germans. Nice to know sportsmanship is intact even off pitch.
  • I want a Germany jersey.
  • The World Cup trophy had to be passed on by the Italians and Cannavaro took it outfrom, what I assume to be, a customized Louis Vuitton case. So cool.
  • Bye World Cup, see you in 4 years time. In Brazil ;)

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