Friday, December 31, 2010


It's 2011.

OK no. I'm typing this at 10:34 on the 31st of December, 2010.

First up, can I just say how super fast like a G6 this year has gone by ? I still can remember my sleepover at Najihah's last year and we walked to and from Curve for the celebration. It was an experience though I choose not to go there again ever. BUT OH WELL.

2010 was an aweesomeeeeeeee yearrrrrrr LOVE LOVE LOVE IT. Though SPM was a pain in the ass, I enjoyed my senior year and am satisfied with how it went. Let's (attempt to) recap.

  • BEST BIRTHDAY EVER !!!!! Though it was a month late (ahem, my birthday is on January 19th !!), I loved every freaking second of my surprise party. Though, of course, I wished all my other friends could have made it but you know what ?!?!?! I loved it, nevertheless and though it was nothing too crazy crazy, I loved it. So memorable :') Special thanks to Tania and Aidit :')
  • Sports Day OMGHHKP ! How awesome is it that Green House won during my senior year ? Like seriously, c'mon, how awesome ?! Didn't contribute anything (sports wise hehe) but I did helped out with the banner ! And Sports Day was too amazing k ! LOVE LOVE LOVE. Hehe and also because menang. Gooo Hijau !
  • World Cup. I never had a liking for football. I watched an entire football match for the first time during World Cup. Grew to really loved it. Tapi World Cup je lah haha. So brilliant how a country so semangat to play. Favourites were Holland, Japan and Argentina. LOL. Can't wait for the next one. Oh ! And I was introduced to Higuain from Argentina. Love at first sight.
  • Graduation Day ! LOVED IT. Mainly cause I got to wear them robes and mortar boards. Sat with Ila, Hafeez and Hanif practically the whole time. Though I had a wardrobe malfunction (kebaya kain came off), I managed to walk across the stage LIKE A BOSS.
  • Picture taking days were my favourite days of the year. Well, one of them anyway. Class photos are always my favourite. We decided to have everyone wear glasses and we all did, with an exception of here and there, but no bigs ! Strained my eyes for one shot. The photo turned out really stupid due to the excessive editing. Looked fat. And short. Anyway, then there was the kelab persatuan photos. So proud to be in the Rumah Hijau photo (considering we kinda won HEHE). Favourite amongst all photos were obviously graduation photos. Where we got to wear robes and mortar boards. I looked around and felt nothing but love and admiration for all my classmates. Seriously, moving to SMK Taman Tun was the best thing I've done so far. And you, Beta folks as well !! Really hoping, wishing and wanting for us to be just as close in the future. Even if the majority of my friends are entering college this month.
  • SPM. Sleepless nights. Disappointing papers. LIKE SEJARAH. Die. I'm really really really really dreading result day. It scares the living daylight outta me. K gonna stop talking about this before I start being all depressed.
  • Prom Night. Just 'cause everyone looked so gorgeous and dolled up. And 'cause the food was ace. And 'cause the boys looked so handsome. Not that they aren't already.
  • How I discovered how much I loved eating at La Bodega. OMGHHKP yum.
  • My tuition classes with Mr Yu, Mr Nathan and Puan Nurhana. SAYANG GILA. I'm going to miss going to tuition (even if I'm guilty for skipping classes).
  • Friends birthdays ! There was Ila's, Kaveetha's and Amy's. I can't seem to remember anyone else's. And the buka puasa dinner at Bora Asmara with about 20 others, I dare say ?
  • National Service. LOL was so nervous waiting for the reply telling me if I got in or not. Obviously, I didn't. YAY ME. But seriously, banyak gila orang got in.. Sai and Diyana are already in Sarawak/Sabah. Anis is going tomorrow.. :( Shucks. MISSING THEM.
Ok. This post is way overdue. Atleast there's something. Ok bye now.

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