Thursday, December 9, 2010

Lois Lane

Things I Want To Remember So I'm Posting It Up Here

  • Mr Yu's last tuition class : We had pizza. And cake !! So the whole class was basically us doing next to nothing work. Got busy with food instead. And Mr Yu brought a cake for Natrah and we all sang Happy Birthday while Kaveetha's dad took pictures. FAVOURITE. I'll miss this. My Tuesday evenings was usually occupied with Mr Yu's jokes and basically more laughing than anything. And keropok pisang pedas.
  • Puan Nurhana's last tuition class : We did a paper and did the usual borak borak and wait for Puan Nurhana to come back to discuss our answers. I was the last to go back and I heard Puan Nurhana tell her daughter 'Budak-budak ni straight A's, tak payah datang tuition pun takpe'. I HEART PUAN NURHANA. Physics for lyfe ~~
  • MR NATHAN. Our second last class (I think so), he got us roti canai from Raju's :")))) And on our last class, we learnt last minute necessary things and he bought me my cornetto !!!!!!!!!!! He kept telling me he kept his janji and bought me my ice cream. LOL, sayang gila ! And we took picturessssssssssssssssss.

I shall go make a list of things to do now. STARTING OFF WITH MY ROOM. It is so messy and that's coming from me !
And then there's prom.
And then there's shopping (hahahaha).

K bye x

P/S : PEOPLE, please don't abandon your blogs, I miss reading them ! ESPECIALLY Ila, Yahi, Ashley, Rachael, Jia Wen. I'LL LOVE YOU FOREVER AND EVER IF YOU UPDATE x

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