Wednesday, December 8, 2010


HI everyone !!!!!!!!!!!!!

I miss blogging. It's 614 now so it's a little over 3 hours since Biology III ended.

Maybe I should do an overall commentary on my SPM days

It was okay, of course there wasn't enough time and I was still writing frantically at the very last second. I remember being super super super super beyond nervous. I was studying BM the night before and I dare say, that was the only time that I've actually studied BM, like sat down and read my Komsas and essay samples.

Went home since there was a 4 hour interval. I actually got to take a nap. Haha. Got some 'tips' and studied those. Quite glad that I studied the tips before I sat for my second BM paper. HOPING TO DO MR YU YEW THIAM PROUD !! And OMGHHKP, the tatabahasa section was actually, ACTUALLY doable. Like I knew all the words. Hahahahaha how pathetic. And I call myself a Malay. But still ! The words were something I'm familiar with and yeah, I was super thankful. ALSO, the peribahasa. I actually knew all of 'em. Though, I did one stupid mistake. But oh well, I MEAN HOW COOL AND AWESOME POSSUM IS IT THAT I KNEW THE PERIBAHASA'S AND TATABAHASA. Rock on, Kementerian Pelajaran, rock on. Though I have to say, I lacked of peribahasa's in my essay so I'm just worried about that. :/

Ran out of time.. as usual. Made the mistake of writing the first essay which was about writing a letter to a cousin about the benefits of National Service. LOL. I'm sure my friends were cringing in their seats as they wrote about the benefits of NS when they themselves have already thought up about a million and one excuses to not go. The second essay which was the long ass one (which I was quite disappointed that I didn't write as much as I wanted to) was about home so I wrote about just that.

Actually went out of the hall early. Cause I had Tasawwur in the afternoon so I went out to study instead. Summary was on the benefits of chocolate, yes, you read it right !! Craved for chocolate later. Hahahaha. Was pretty easy.. I guess. Not trying to be cocky but yeah. TEEHEE

Mum sent lunch. And it was pasta ! Twas too spicy for the others but it was amazing to me hahaha. Studied or at least tried to. It was okay I guess since it was objective questions and fill in the blanks. Had me stuck at a couple of questions but that's pretty normal.. right ? LOL whutevah.

First and foremost, let me just put it out there, I never appreciated the beauty of OBJECTIVE QUESTIONS. I'm like, oh thank god for options ! Seriously. It was doable with the occasional 'Er.. whut?' but other than that..

Probably the worst History paper I've sat for. Thinking about it just makes me feel all crappy and down inside. ESPECIALLY MY ESSAYS. UGH. Seriously, SUPER SUPER CRAPPY. Got like a million and one tips and Cikgu Sritharan hinted on some. But like, 0.000001% of the supposed 'SPOT QUESTIONS' came out. Like I said, I never realised how freaking fantastic objective questions were. WORST PAPER EVER. Hoping the graph comes super low so that I can atleast get a B. This is making me depressed, on to the next subject !

Um.. let's just sayyyyyyyyy it was okay. I keep thinking it's common sense but I used common sense for my Agama paper in PMR and I got a B so er..

Could answer a majority of the questions. Phew *lap peluh*. AS USUAL, I WAS RUSHING FOR TIME. Time was late for a party because it went by crazy fast. But oh well, I managed to do all the questions. Which is a good thing, yes ? Yes.

Got really nervous so yeah. I could do it, I guess. I'm too scared to say anything, sebab kalau tak dapat A, macam malu gila bapak je. -________- BUT CROSSING MY FINGERS AND TOES for an A.

I'm like a broken record when I say this but it was 'doable'. ALSO CROSSING MY FINGERS AND TOES FOR AN A to make up for my B in PMR.

Patah semangat. So many so many so many so many pengajaran ayat and things that I'd think wouldn't come out but naturally, it did. And the tajwid part was like 'Come again?'. Tak pernah dengar dalam 17 tahun hidup di dunia ni pun (lol lame attempt). Agama II was tough. Tough, cookie, tough !

Hmm. HMMMMMM. Can I just not talk about it though ? I'm kinda just aiming for a pass. Which is bad. But you get what I mean. SOALAN SATU PUN JAM GILA OTAK.

Had a 4 hour interval so the boys (Hafiz, Hafeez, Hakim, Hanan) and I went to Subway for last minute tutoring. It was more of them correcting the other on the first additional maths paper. Learnt about the sin cos thing (just goes to show how oblivious I am) and yeah, that was about it. What a horrible paper. Horrible horrible paper. Dahlah it was pouring cats and dogs and rabbits and crocodiles. And my pen went dead on me. Well then.

First science subject and my heart was leaping out of me chest. I am beyond thankful that it was an okay paper and I knew the majority of it. Of course electricity kita main bantai je kthx. But still :")

And I'm like 'NO WONDER PAPER I WAS DOABLE, PAPER II IS LIKE THE SHIZZZ'. No seriously. My essays.. oh, my essays. Hoping they down the grade so I can make Puan Nurhana proud. :( Ugh !!!!!! So annoyed with Physics II. Cuba senang sikit ? Sikit je. Not asking much, damnit !!!!!!!

LOL susah susah je belajar all the gas laws and electricity. Ticker tape came out. So my advice to y'all, don't stress yourself on the hard topics. THEY NEVER COME OUT. I'm so grateful to my tuition and Puan Nurhana (!!) for revising on the ticker tape question again.

Studied salts for a whole entire day. Since I hate it as much as the size of Russia. And there was this one question on Salts and I seriously wanted to go 'OMG I KNOW THIS !!!!!!!!' hahahaha. I loved Chemistry I (Note : Not saying it was easy, I'm just saying it wasn't as hard as I had imagined in my head).


Twas okay though.. I think. I DON'T KNOW. I'm a bit foggy on this but er.. my essays were a bit off. HECK, ALL ESSAYS FOR ALL SUBJECTS WERE HORRIBLE.

... lupa

It was an okay paper, quite a number of people left the hall early. I think I did ? Yeah, I did. Hahahaha. Went down to study with the twins and Rachael but to little progress.

Er.. twas okay but again my essays..

LOL studied everything BUT the question that came out. HMPH. It's not like I want to be a doctor anyway.

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