Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Prom Night

.. was memorable :')

Sisters accompanied me for the night and tagged along. Went to OU for some last minute shopping and then went to the hotel.

Ok, let's just do this is point form

  • Went down the lift and was greeted by Rachael and Hakim who were on their way to the ballroom.
  • I, then went to the ballroom to give a helping hand. Met Li May, Grace and Kaveetha on the way.
  • Sat down on the floor and helped out with the door gifts which I must give major props to Li May for finding them at Central Market ! :)
  • Helped out by placing the pretty feathers and then placed it on the table.
  • Went up to the room and had my mum accompany Tania and I to 'The Mall' to do our hair. Settled at the smallest saloon ever ever ever ! But they did pretty well, I guess. The Mall sumpah.. so dead.
  • Went up to the room again and melengah-lengahkan masa.
  • Got a text from Ayesha while I was doing my hair that she won't be coming to prom due to bad food poisoning. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. I was seriously contemplating on whether I should go or not. Didn't feel like going then since twins bailed as well..
  • Did my own make-up !!!! It was just me in the room so I happily did my make-up without anybody commenting on it. It was actually so much fun :') Hahaha
  • Put on my dress and accessories and had Tania take a picture of me.
  • Nikki came up to tumpang my room. She got dressed and she looked mighty foiiiiiiiine.
  • Najihah literally ran up to my room. Was asked to put on her earrings since she didn't know how to. All she did was screamed and shrieked hahahahahaha PELIK BINTI AJAIB
  • Then, she and I went down together. THO THWEET her father took a picture of her kihkih :')
  • Met up with everyone downstairs and my day started to lighten up. Was most looking forward to see the boys and girls dolled up. And was seriously super duper pleased and impressed with everyone !!!!!
  • Felt like a celebrity (teehee!!) because there were so many photographers taking our pictures. LOVED THE ATTENTION. Who didn't ?!?!
  • Registered and went in.
  • Met Kashif and told him who I was. In his own words, 'we were both dateless due to random circumstances'. My date, Hafiz, was one of the people who were trapped in Heathrow due to the heavy snow. As I said earlier, Kashif's date, Ayesha got food poisoning. Hence, both dateless.
  • Sat down and my table consisted of Kashif, Grace, Yan Koh, Wenn Hong and Asif. As well as Hakim and 2 of his friends.
  • But despite that, I moved to like, every table to jenguk everyone and their gorgeous selves !
  • Kuntaw Fatakie performed and as usual, they were so amazing !
  • Makan makan makan. Took the opportunity to see everyone. Seriously couldn't get over the fact that everyone looked so pretty and so darn handsome ! :'))))))))
  • The food was actually quite ace. All my favourite food, including sweet sour fish, the tau foo claypot and mushroom soup. I only ate mushroom soup though. Tapi makan nasi lah jugak later on. After Rachael persisted ! :)
  • Emcee announced the best dressed and the prom royalty ! Best Dressed Male went to Acap. Best Dressed Female went to Dydy who looked super gorgeous in that dress. Epitomized the Mafia Legacy. Prom King went to Hakim and Prom Queen went to Diyana. WELL DESERVED !!!!!!!!!! Gave a standing ovation. Hahahaha. I LOVE THEM AND WAS REALLY REALLY REALLY HOPING THAT THEY GOT THE TITLE.
  • Hakim looked soooooooooo dashing in his tux. Diyana, on the other hand, super amazing in that dress of hers.
  • They danced to Just The Way You are sung by Wanted Symphony, our invited guest.
  • SO SWEET. Wished I had someone to danced with then.. :'( EMO CHILD
  • Had more performances later. We actually sang to our school song hahahahahahaha, I stood up and sang (y)
  • Danced !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like mad. I mean, what other way, right ?
  • My favourite was when we danced to We Will Rock You and YMCA. Should have seen everyone screaming (literally) to YMCA. SOOOOO FUN. Everyone stomped their feet on the dance floor during We Will Rock You.
  • At one point, there was some technical difficulties and everyone started making their own beat which was WTF super brilliant.
  • Everyone let loose.
  • AND C'MON 'Don't Wanna Miss A Thing' by Aerosmith which is basically our anthem, came on and we all held hands and sing on top of our lungs.
  • Kashif and I danced :') So sweet of him to do so.
  • Aidit and I then danced. Though he's so much taller and my hands got lenguh..
  • Took a million more pictures. Not literally. Probably thousands.
  • Had an overall great time with everyone. Wished it had gone on longer. Wasn't looking forward at first because of some reasons unknown. But I'm glad I did, in the end. Because it was super duper worth it.
Ok, now what do we look forward to anymore ? Besides, waiting for the pictures from the photographers. Will probably ask them to print every single one !

Ok bye now people !

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