Saturday, December 11, 2010


Went to KL yesterday. First was to Pavilion. As usual, headed for Topshop first. Managed to get some things. The paper bags now are so purdy, I love it and I want more ! Haha.

Got a jumpsuit and I'm hoping it can be altered to be a prom dress. Because I am in love with it's upper half. So I'm kinda determined to send it to a tailor who can somehow turn it into a dress. I mean, if cannot sangat sangat, then I mean, pakai je lah jumpsuit tu. It doesn't really look like one. I just can't walk lah kan otherwise you can tell it is in fact, a jumpsuit. BUT I LOVE IT SO I DON'T CARE.

And then I bought a glittery mittery purse just cause it was glittery mittery hehehe. Then we ate at my favourite ever restaurant ; La Bodega. I have been meaning to eat there since before SPM so yes, I was so happy. That made my day. Hahaha :') Then we walked to Cotton On. And God knows how much I love their Cotton On Body collection. Comfortable pj's and underwear, I'm telling you. Got harem pants meant for sleeping and I'm wearing them right now and I love it. Planning to go there soon with a bunch of friends so I shall get my hands on some more comfy clothes.

Then went to Marc by Marc Jacobs. And got myself a laptop cover. HEHE. Then we went to KLCC.

Sole reason was to visit the newly renovated Topshop and it's soooooo much bigger than the previous one. Headed straight to the make up shelves. SOOO EXCITED hahahaha. Got some things and I can't wait to get more. Then we went to go eat at Chinoz. I didn't really eat because of my late lunch at La Bodega but whatever. Saturdays at KLCC are not advisable. Sundays too. So crowded, I got irritated by everyone walking.

Fetched Iman and Mikhail and left for home. Went on Skype with Hafiz. He showed me what he bought from Primark and his prom shoes. I've seen his tux so it's like there's really no surprise come prom. -____-
Speaking of prom, I'm stoked ! Cannot wait :')

Ok, I'm hungry and my parents are not at home.


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