Friday, December 10, 2010

Mermaids x

Been in bed all day. I'm bored and experiencing a headache.

Nowhere for the holidays and it's nothing different. Kinda used to staying in for the holidays. I sound like an ungrateful brat BUT COME ON. Ugh.

I should go hunt for a prom dress soon but I don't know where to start. If anybody knows a tailor who is desperate for business and is available to do a dress in a span of a week (or a couple of days, people, if Project Runway people can do it why cantchuuu ! Haha), tell me. Kthx.

Stacks of dvds waiting to be watched. Currently on Private Practice.

Wow I sound so boring. Trying to construct a list of Things To Do. And actually get them done.
First up, clean up room.
Second, find a prom dress. Why aren't they any here in Malaysia ?! :( Nice black ones. I was opting for colour but a black one is hard to find let alone a fuschia one !!!

So stoked that they opened a Mac (as in the cosmetics) shop in OU. Now I don't have to trouble myself (and mum) by going to Mid Valley or KLCC. Hmm...

LOL it's like I'm talking to myself. Is there anybody even reading this ?

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