Friday, December 17, 2010


Got back from a day out.

Went to OU with the girls. Though it was just literally, a short lunch date with them at New York Deli. They afterwards, went to KD in search for prom dresses while I stayed at OU. Decided to go for a hair cut. FINALLY got a fringe. I love Keaton. He (besides Don) will be the only person I'll let touch my hair. It's not like we can pause and rewind our hair cuts kan..

Was SUPPOSED to search for accessories, but grrrrl, I came home empty. Besides this shimmer glittery puff thing from Body Shop and make-up brushes that will shed like crazy but heck. Better than getting an expensive ass one from Mac.

I still have yet to buy a pair of shoes, and necklaces, earrings, rings, bangles. Since I'm wearing a super plain black dress (the minimalist dresser that I am) it gives me an advantage to drip myself with (fake) gold jewelry. That's if I can FIND any pretty ones. ANYWAY I SUPER TAK BOLEH SABAR.

I get sleepy so early these days. D'uh. How boring. PLUS I wake up like at 8. And usually, I can't go back to sleep. And I was just about to look forward to sleeping in til noon.

Why am I telling you this again..


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