Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Here come the ladies,

Bored out of my mind. But hey, what else is new ?

I literally just stayed in bed the whole day. Reason being I woke up with this huge headache and nausea that couldn't be ignored. And it certainly wasn't the kind that would disappear after I eat or something. I know this would be too much information but in the end, I did get sick. Real sick. Disgusting. I haven't been sick in the longest time. I'm quite fortunate in the sense that I hardly get sick. I daresay, I might get sick like, once a year ? Which is pretty healthy for someone who doesn't practice exercises or eat good healthy food.

ANYWAY. So yes, that's what I did today.

Though my weekend was pretty good. Spent both days with my friends because we were helping out with Hafeez's sisters wedding. Which was pretty fun because we were all there. Most of us, I mean. Saturday, we were at Shah Alam. And on Sunday, we were in KL at the Dewan Merak Kayangan.

I have so many movies to watch now ! Like, Beastly, The Fighter, Adjustment Bureau and No Strings Attached. Maybe I shall watch them tomorrow. Atleast one of them lah.

I seriously want to colour my hair. A streak of lilac or light pink. I haven't had the chance to and I get the feeling no one would be able to do it.... Keaton from Organic won't colour my hair pun !!! Saying it'll damage it more :( Sad.

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