Saturday, March 26, 2011


I realised how little pictures we have together. I have this photo framed and is on my study table :)

My Mama turned 43 this year !!! I'm blogging about this a day late (well not really because it's only 1:30 on the 26th March) but oh well, better late than never.

Like everyone, I love my mother. She's such a lovely person, I mean, seriously so nice and warm, you can't help but be very comfortable in her presence. She's my ultimate best friend. I can tell her anything and everything without having to feel awkward. Well, duh. People say how it's weird to have your mother in school. Honestly, I love it ! Also because she and her students get along well.

My mum is one of the few people I'd do anything for. I've told her numerous times that when I work and when I get enough money, I'll get her anything her heart desires and if that means anything from a brand new car or a diamond ring, then by all means, she will get it !

Everytime I pray, I pray for my parents good health and moga murah rezeki. I always doa for my siblings to have a good future as well as for me. This is all because I want my mum to have a good life in the future. I want her to enjoy her retirement with her kids being all well and brilliant. I owe everything to my mum who has done a lot (and I mean a LOT) for us and all that, tirelessly and willingly.

Biggest compliment for me was when Puan Nurhana noted how similar I was with my mum when I brought Rocky to Physics tuition and she said 'Macam mak dia, always bringing something for everyone'. And to know that I had some traits of my mum in me (without even me knowing), I'm a happy girl.

I'd tell you my mum is a generous, warm, loving, caring person and all that but I'd have to break out the dictionary (and thesaurus) for every nice adjective in there and it'll take me absolutely forever. Truly, sit down and have lunch with my mum and you'll love her. Imagine what 18 years does to you.

Such a sweet and lovely person my mother is and she, without a single doubt, deserves everything good in the world. I pray everyday that God blesses her and may she have the best life ahead and more birthdays to celebrate.

My father couldn't be any luckier and I'm telling you right now that my siblings and I are so blessed to have a mother like mine.

Dear Mama (if you're reading which I think you probably are),

Though we rarely exchange I Love You's and hugs and kisses, you should know that there is no second that goes by that I don't love you whole heartedly. And that the first thing I doa is your well being (as well as Papa's) and for a long life and for ALL of us to do well in our education so that we can make you proud.

Thank you, Mama for everything you have done for not just me but everyone in this family. I'm beyond grateful to God for blessing us with a mother like you.

Lots of love and hugs and kisses,

Nadia x

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