Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I feel forgotten. By all my friends, really. No one really bothers with anything anymore. Everyone is busy with everything. Some, I haven't spoken to since school ended. Some, I've grown distant with.

Even with my sisters. I ask Tania if she wants to go out MULTIPLE times and the first thing she'll say is No. And she comes up with excuses. It gets frustrating because it's like I'm the only one making an effort.

No one bothers calling me up anymore. Aidit called me the other day and I was quite excited because I haven't heard nor seen the boys in the longest time and all he could ask was 'Eh, can you text me Hafiz's number?'.

It's like my friends are slowly depleting. Til one day, they're all just gone.

I miss my friends. But it's as if none of them misses me.

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