Saturday, March 19, 2011

I Do

Next to fashion, I love make-up. And mermaids and the colour pink.

But that's besides the point. SUPER stoked that Malaysia will have its very own Sephora (Lim Jia Wen, get excited with me!!) ! Said to be opening end of April, early May sorta thing. And I've seen some photos and there'll be Urban Decay and holy shmoly of cosmetics, Soap and Glory !!!!!!!!! I'm crossing my fingers for Nars to come in !!

Results coming next Wednesday. I feel sick in my stomach haahahaha. I've had dreams regarding my results. And by far, it is the MOST recurring (don't know if that's even grammatically correct) dream. Geez Louise. No high hopes but I'm crossing my fingers so hard that it'll break that I get more than 5 ? I don't know. I'll be all sorts of devastated if it's below 5. LOL to make matters worst, result day falls on my grandfathers birthday. Um..

I keep recalling my SPM days and trying to think how I did (I even resorted reading my old blog posts and my SPM review to partially calm myself). How do I tell my folks that SPM isn't the end of the world ? I mean, they are a LOT of people who didn't do well and they're just fine in university/college. Heck, some are doing (very) well. Maybe I should do a presentation with pie charts and all.......

I don't want to disappoint anyone. Particularly myself. Because I've studied and I did my best. But I'm so scared OMGHHKP. I wonder what college/uni I'll go to after that.... Hopefully a good one -_-


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