Monday, September 17, 2012

Cat Hoodie

Currently :

Sipping on my hot Milo
Liaising with Ha and Amiera regarding the Bangsawan costumes
Battling my headache since yesterday
About to take my 15th nap

Being sick sucks. It sucks more though because I'm only home during weekends so bila dah demam tu, macam wasted je duduk kat rumah tak makan ke apa :( But grateful I'm at home instead of being in college. I've been sick in college and that sucks times a billion because all you get to eat is cafe food.

Anyway, let's see what'z happenin'

Unofficial pencil skirt day with Hanis, Aisyah and Nadira !

 Azam said I looked like Christmas in which I retaliated and told him he looked like Black Friday because he was all darkly dressed alongside 3 others.

Bangsawan prep has the whole college stressed up their bones because this was the last week for last minute preparations before the big day on Saturday. 

Bangsawan post up soon ! xx

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