Sunday, September 30, 2012


Dedicated my Saturday to editing my personal statement, deciding what unis (I still have no clue) and anything related to potential university things before finally moving to studying for the upcoming semester exams. Though I did have a good time eating roti canai for breakfast, nasi campur from Sambal Hijau for lunch and pizza for dinner.

Just got back from my parents room because I had my Mum check my grammar for my personal statement. Came out of the room with SERIOUS editing and changes because Papa thinks it's not too university-ish. So thankful though since Ms Sabiha is away for the holidays, I have my very own referees at home... and there's 2 of 'em! ♥

My week in college !

Marissa surprised me with a lovely belated birthday surprise on Monday. Such a sweetheart albeit being  really awkward and random 95% of the time. Love the girl.

And how can I not blog about how they played softball the other day ? I came down to the field because there was supposedly a Garnet v Topaz basketball game but it didn't happen but I stayed on anyway. Everybody feigned shock horror upon seeing my around during that time; I usually take a nap or have quality time with my number one best friend; the Internet. Some of them were playing softball but it was hilarious because it was their first time. I still don't get the game so guess what I was /!?!?!! The 3rd base. Like y'know the base where people slide and step on ? Yep. That was me.

(This is Puchee explaining the basic rules to softball like to say "Home run !" and not "Full house !" *cough*Anis*cough*)

And it was also a week of non-stop riddles and tricks played on the juniors. So hilarious because almost every break time, they'd slowly assemble around the table with us and ask us to play the riddle again so they can try and figure out. It must be disturbing them; I know it did for me last year when the seniors did it to me ! They still don't know half of it though so I predict weeks more to come haha this is Olan playing the trick on them and Rongge and Iqbal (regulars) trying to figure what the hell Olan's on. Hahaha I kid.

Mama wanted me to try out this North Indian food in Hartamas Shopping Center so after eating, we browsed the mall (boring) but found this small shop that sold interesting finds; and was particularly attracted to this burnt orange skirt. Loved it ! And got this other bright purple palazzo pants. But this is not interesting so I shall move on.

One week of study leave commences and let's all wish and pray that it will be a productive one. Amin.

God bless and have a great week ahead !


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