Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Seoul Day #3 (ii)

(LOL, I got totally confused. This is actually still day #3 in Seoul, we went to Hongdae for shopping and came home soon after getting these magazines)

So Tania and I just agreed to stay home. We did go out for lunch though. We googled Indian food and we found one with good reviews - best part was that it was so near us! Only a tube station away!

Tania lovesss this restaurant so much that we went again for the 2nd time on our last full day in Seoul!

It's called Jyoti restaurant and it's located in Sinchon! Google it! It was so near us so it was really convenient! And Indian food anywhere in the world never fails so we're glad we found this one!!

We then walked to Hongdae to waste time before going back early (we got home at 5pm) because we were kinda tired from going all out the first few days hahaha we needed a break on our holiday.

But we stopped over at a book store to buy magazines. We actually wanted to get K-Pop albums but the ones we found didn't have too many choices and we were sure that there'll be somewhere else selling loads more a lot cheaper. And when we came across the magazines, we bought those instead.

We basically bought every magazine that had these lads on the cover. I couldn't deal. 

(This seems like a boring and short post but I wanted to blog about it anyway because I wanted to blog our whole time there)


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