Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Seoul Day #4

Tania and I decided to dedicate a whole day for K-Pop. So that was our Day 4.

First things first! SM Town!! SM Town at the Coex Atrium is basically a 5 floor space where it is just completely decked out with SM Town artists so that includes EXO, SHINee, Girls Generation, Super Junior, and f(x).

Tania and I coincidentally matched with our stripes and blue that day. Very fitting with EXO's latest concept hehehehe #loveofourlives

My K-Pop obsession started with me falling completely head over heels for EXO so it was only appropriate that we went to SM Town.

I bought my outfit from the streets of Hongdae. Those striped pants are my new favourite thing in my closet.

Guys, I proper freaked out, ok. I wanted to be all cool yeah this is no big deal but who was I kidding?!?! Upon seeing the big SM Town sign with SHINee's new album poster on the building, I almost wanted to barf out of excitement.

I just couldn't believe that I was here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After taking photos outside, we rushed in and we're so glad we arrived just as it opened because that meant there wasn't a massive crowd. We couldn't stop ooh-ing and aah-ing at everything and we took so many photos with everyone's posters on the walls. It was so cool lah, anyone reading this who isn't a kpop fan won't understand my giddiness but I was just so completely over the moon to be in SM Town! That was the whole point of coming to Korea, hello!!?!?!?!???

!!!!!!!!!!! LEE TAEMIN STOP IT 

First floor was the gift shop but we kept that for last because we knew that if we were to go there first, we'd be spending ages in there so we didn't wanna waste time and moved on to the second floor.

Where one would go crazy... and broke...

I actually regret not getting one of SHINee's caps! 

Wanted to buy everything in store but so many things were sold out!! There weren't Kai posters left on our first trip to SM Town.

Second floor was SM Town studio where at a relatively hefty price, you get to experience being an SM artist with hair and make-up, music video recording and even actual singing recording. Very cool concept but we didn't do that 'cause um lol. And you need to make a reservation too beforehand.

Closest to ever holding Kai and Sehun lol 

BAE, you so ridiculous lah Taemin please be mine

Third floor was the café and they had cupcakes and cakes and drinks all SM themed. There were even cakes of EXO, SHINee and Red Velvet how damn cute guys please take note that this is my dream birthday cake I'd like it very much for you to have this in mind next time 'round ok

Future birthday cake, guys, please.

Fourth floor was the SM Town Theatre. There was an actual theatre where they were showing School OZ, a production by SM starring the singers themselves. There was also a photo booth where you take a photo """with""" the singers (hologram but beautiful) and we took twice each hahaha, if we could, we'd take with all of 'em!

There were also a huge huge screen just showing SM groups music videos so we were there for a long time just 'cause we were dancing and singing along.

Tables and chairs all had autographs of the SM members and it was just SO SO SO damn cool knowing that they were sitting where you were sitting!! 

We stayed on the 5th floor so long because we were busy grooving to SM's tunes (although we've seen the music video so many already)

My 2 favourites ; Lee Taemin and Park Chanyeol.

How cute does Taemin and Minho look like goddamnit!

We then, left SM Town to go entertainment-agency-building hopping. We went to Apgujeong Rodeo and walked under the hot hot hot hot sun. Man, the weather was something else. I'm pretty sure it was a lot a lot a lot more warm in Seoul than it is in KL. It hardly rained and the air was still so there wasn't much wind to cool us off. So warm!
Anyway, so we walked to JYP first and took photos before then finding our way to SM Entertainment building. Hahaha, sanggup tu. Again, we couldn't believe we were standing around buildings where some of our favourite groups record, dance, practice, eat, everything!!! We loitered around in hopes of maybe seeing one of them come out but we were out of luck so we decided to walk back to the station to go home.

There was a Dunkin Donuts just outside of JYP and it's just filled with posters of JYP artists (alongside some others from different companies) and their signatures. We saw fans also in DD, with presents all wrapped and ready to be given to their favs. We were hoping to catch a glimpse of someone coming out of the building but we wanted to get a move on so we gave up after drinking our mango smoothies.


By then, we were so so so so tired because we had been walking up and down, back and forth. But ugh, we had SO. MUCH. FUN. I don't know how else to tell it to you, the whole day from start to end was just ridiculous amounts of fun and a lot of "I CAN'T BELIEVE I'M HERE?!?!!!!" so you can only imagine Tania and I just going loony seeing all things k-pop.

If this could be my wall in my bedroom, I'd be happy. Ridiculously overjoyed, actually.

With main bae

Overall, it was an amaaaazing day and a really really good one, the kind of good that when you come home, you're just so happy that that day just happened.

Over gila kan?


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