Sunday, January 10, 2016


This is me. Obviously not literally, nowhere as beautiful! But this is a 10x more glamorous version of myself this past 2 weeks. Instead of the book, I have lecture notes and a million tabs open. And instead of the bun, I have Korean snacks. 

Hi, it's 6:45 am. Why am I up?

I need to seriously start correcting my sleeping hours (and consequently, my eating times also). 

I've been studying for my final paper this Wednesday. At this point, I just want it over and done with. LOL, I say this and I still am freaking out and struggling to cramp everything in. 
I have so many things to blog about but I can't at the moment as I'm busy but here are some of the things I intend to blog about :

1. The discovery of a singer WHO ISN'T KOREAN.
2. I know now what I want to save up for (or y'know, if my parents would like so kindly sponsor for as my birthday present).
3. I'm back on the make-up bandwagon! Again.
4. '90s fashion.
5. The gaudiness of some of the rich and famous Malaysians and how I feel about it.
6. My top 15 K-Pop songs of 2015 (like, 2 weeks late but whatever).
7. How different of a person I am at (almost) 23.

Ok, I'm putting it out all here because it'll serve as a reminder and checklist for when I blog later. I tend to forget everything once I *actually* have time to blog. 

Til my next post ! 

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