Friday, January 15, 2016

"Don't Stress, You're Too Blessed"

I'm done with my January exams yay!!!!

Can finally rest and chill without feeling too guilty about it. I can't wait to finally just not ever sit for exams anymore!! I'll probably regret saying that when I work a 9-5 job but for the time being, I just hate it. The prepping, the nerves, the not being able to think straight for the first 5 minutes within opening the paper, the part where you just FORGET EVERYTHING 2 minutes before paper starts. I hate it all! Anyway, now that's over and done with, I just hope I did a decent job in both papers.

I stayed all night (despite the fact that I was surviving on like 4 hours of sleep the night before) to FINALLY watch my favourite Korean drama in the world ever. I had to put it on hold because of well, priorities. This is the 2nd last week of the show 'Reply 1988' and it is, without a single fleck of doubt, my most favourite Korean drama in ever. I've said this before and I've said it to all but it really is, it has single handedly become the benchmark for all Korean dramas from here now on. Everything about it makes me so happy. I can't believe they're already reaching their finale week and I'm just seriously TRYING to prepare my heart and I need to just take a breather before I can continue having my heart break because the ending is just going to crush me.

I'll write about it for sure when it's done to give you the endless reasons why you should watch it as well as what I think about it. Haih, my heart. Best drama to date. I have now become the biggest fan of the main 5 actors and will forever root for them because they are ridiculously brilliant in what they do - every episode just reminds me what damn good actors they are. Hyeri, in particular, who knew!?!? So good - I'm so glad she's getting the recognition for her acting in 1988! She's always been particularly funny and fun in all the variety shows and all the interviews she's done as an idol singer and I'm even more glad that the directors decided to cast her for that particular reason because she's just acing it all. 

To just quickly address the first 2 points of my checklist in my previous post -

Kehlani, guys. SO good. I haven't renewed my Spotify Premium because I just found that I didn't really listen too much of my playlist there thanks to how awfully I have been into K-Pop. But now I feel like I should because of how much Kehlani I listen to! I don't know what about it but I've always been a lot more attracted to guys' singing voice than girls' and for me to be really taken by a female singer means that they sound really damn good to me. Kehlani is one of them!! 

My favourite song by her is Be Alright just because it's such a feel good song, the kinda song that makes you feel like you got no reason to be down. And even if you are, you'll get over it and do fine.

"Don't be stressed, you're too blessed" is one of the lines in the song and it's such a simple line but everytime I hear it, I just remind myself that yeah, no reason to be stressed, Nadia, you're doing alright, you're doing fine!! so if you feel like you need a good pick-me-up, listen to Be Alright. But seriously just go ahead and listen to all of her other songs - they're so good. She's so talented, mate, she can sing my University emails to me and I'll pay for it. 

And to the one thing I've decided on saving up for is... a new camera!
I've been torn about what to get for myself this birthday but I feel like I really want to get a new camera. A point-and-shoot, like I've mentioned before. It could just be a phase but I feel like getting into the whole documenting my life thing. My phone camera is fine and all but it's often restricting so I want to be a bit more comfortable and take high quality photos from an actual camera. I've recently been following Sara Suhaili, a fellow blogger and she takes the most beautiful photos and I love how it's just everyday things, nothing like professional photos. Just photos of her going on about life but they're so so stunning and I'm so inspired to do the same! Which explains why I want to get a small camera to bring around easily and comfortably with. I've been surveying cameras and I think I've decided on one after seeing reviews and comparing with other cameras. I'll have to consult with my personal finance ministers first though haha

I'll blog more but I'm now so hungry, I haven't had a meal yet!

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