Saturday, January 30, 2016

My Uni

So I just realised I have not written much about my university life (I don't even have a tag for it!!) and what I study and what I've studied maybe because it's not as interesting but still, I think I should write about it anyway for my own future sake. To see what I've studied in the past 3 years of university.

The course I'm taking now is Business Management with Economics and I'm already in my third (and final) year. IF and only IF I consider taking Masters I think I would want to do one in Marketing. To come to think of it, I don't know why I just didn't do a degree in Marketing in the first place...


Anyway, so my course is just a random mixture of Business Management courses and Economics and even with Accounting. So I've dabbled into all 3. Currently in my 3rd year, I've done Applied Economics (so that's when all the third level micro and macro economics come into play), Managing Organisations in an International Context (MOIC), and Strategic Management (which was actually quite interesting because we learnt theories from different case studies; one was about Wal-Mart, one was about the smart car, and our coursework was based on ZARA so it was all quite relatable. And I had a Malaysian guy as my teacher and he was very fun, I was quite proud lol). In my second term which is what I'm doing now, I'm doing Behavioural Economics (which is my favourite subject thus far, it's so fun, talks about the behaviour of consumers and how it affects everyday economics, it's a far stretch from the very technical stuff I've learnt previously), Sustainable Business (which is my least favourite subject, talks about sustainability economics and I think we've done this about a million times already) and we're still doing MOIC and we're doing a simulation project based on an airline which should be fun... I hope?

For the life of me, I cannot remember the exact names for the modules I took - they were unnecessarily long. Every term, I'd have 3 new subjects (or 2 at the very least) and they were all very different. I remember I had one and it was about programming numbers which was so ridiculous because I had no clue what I was doing. I don't know how I survived that one.

In my past years, I did accounting and finance and actually really throughly enjoyed it though it was just kind of a dip-your-toes-into-the-much-more-complicated-world-of-accounting-and-finance so it was relatively quite easy and I even got perfect scores for some of the test. Like I said, it's most probably very easy, basic stuff. Nevertheless, it was fun.

We've had also a bunch of management subjects and it's actually just very plain, simple logic on how to manage things and people but there are a lot of theories and reading that goes into it so although comprehension of the topics given were quite easy, the teachers just go on and on about the importance of applying theories into the management of things.

We've had some computing and math also with it and I remember staying back in the university computer lab til 8pm doing the fortnightly tests which was a pain because I am still 100% sure I will never have to apply it in the real world ever.

Every year, we would always have an Economics module and so it was a really good thing that I took up Econs in A-Levels because although it's still difficult in university level, I still had the basics down in KY which helped me loads. I still have a love-hate relationship with economics, if you look at it plain and simple, it really just comes down to logic but man, the graphs and the terminology is so frustrating to wrap your head around.

Hopefully I get to graduate this July and I'll tell you more about my university and my course then. Overall, I'm actually quite glad and happy that I took this course because alhamdulillah, they're all modules and subjects that I can handle although, just like any university student, it can get tough on some days. 

I wished I had documented my everyday university days a bit better, just so that I can remember what I did (and what I didn't!). I've been quite rajin with my diary for this year thus far so I hope that helps a bit later on!!

Make it a project, guys! Write something everyday this year, atleast just a few lines worth. It'll be fun by the end of year to see what you've been up to!

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