Saturday, January 2, 2016

Rose Quartz Pïnk

I've loved pink all my life. I still to this day tend to gravitate towards anything pink in stores and in general haha. Something about it is so attractive to me. In my room now, I have a pink study table, a pink chair, a pink bedside table, a pink mug, pink towels, even a pink mini Quran. I'm not however, a pink wearer. I don't wear much pink. Or any colour for that matter. I'm not someone to wear bright coloured things. I'm more muted in my outfits. 

I've never been the type to actually wait to see what Pantone has set as 'colour of the year' but I was aware that this year it was the first time that they have two colours instead of just one. This years Pantone 'it' colours are rose quartz and serenity, the former a baby pink and the latter a baby blue. How pretty is the name 'rose quartz' to describe a pink by the way?!?! 

So I, at 430 am, decided to pick my favourite 'pink' photos on my personal Tumblr and made this collage. I love the colour and I think I'm probably going to hunt that corduroy baby pink skirt to the ends of earth. 

Resolution 2k16 #87 : Wear more pink. Also, wear some blusher, for Gods sake.

I feel like I'm more free to wear anything I want here than in KL (with my dad and the general public lol) but the weather is heavily restrictive. So I'm going to give myself the winter months off, and start again when it's a lot warmer. A LOT warmer.


(p/s : I have been receiving nice comments these past few weeks on my blog (thank you!) and for those who did leave comments, I always do reply albeit a bit late! I just have no idea how to directly notify you that I've replied other than just leave another comment! I'm so buta IT sometimes but yeah, just to let you know, I do reply in the comment section also! Thanks again, you always make my day!!)

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