Saturday, January 2, 2016

New Year!

This was 2011 with my high school friends at Kaveetha's NY party. I haven't seen them in ages but they're the most absolute fun to be with. Miss them lots and lots. 

This was 2012 when my family booked a hotel room and we just roamed around the area. We ended up at the pool area to see the fireworks just in front of us. I hope to do the same the end of 2016!


I spent my New Years eve at home, doing work since my paper is in a few days time. I didn't mind it though, to be honest. I think I'd prefer this over making my way to a crowded place in the cold. 

If I think about how my 2015 went, it went pretty okay I guess. Wasn't major. I picked up a new language, I traveled, I made new friends and lost some, I gained weight and lost some. It was just okay. 

My 2015 NY's resolution was to be on time for most things. Or at least try my very best to be. And I think I fulfilled that bit quite well. For my 2016, I vow to write in a diary. A blog can be looked at as a diary but it's obviously nowhere as personal as I'd like it to be. I used to have one before this whole blogging thing started and everyday I would write in something; somedays it was 2 pages full and somedays it was only 2 lines worth. I'm going to pick that habit again because it was really fun to read back and writing has always been very calming and therapeutic for me (hence, this blog).

Besides just writing how my day went, I want to put in things like song of the day, what I had for lunch/dinner, what made me happy and what made me upset. I don't do that even on my blog and now that I look back, I hardly remembered my 2015. I think with a proper diary, I'd remember my days better. It's the simple things that make up the year, right? So I think I'll do that. 
First things first : NEED TO BUY A DIARY. 

I think I'll also swear off chocolate and soda more now. I haven't had either in a long time but I think I'll limit myself to only one of each every week and then do 2 weeks and then 3 and so on so forth. 

I'm also going to try and pamper my skin often. I used to just slap moisturiser on and hope for the best but now that I have a more steady skincare routine, my skin is behaving tons and I'm very grateful! Korean skin care is the life saviour you have been waiting for, guys!

I also, this year, want to go to Italy! I've always wanted to go to Italy ever since I got here but never really had the friends to go with! I'm going to have to figure out who to bring along with this time. I need and want to go before I fly back home (yay!). And also to Seoul again this summer. I miss it loads and since it's relatively near home, I would love to go back! Maybe bring Iman along this time. 

I don't know what I'll be doing after my graduate studies; to work or to continue with a Masters. Whatever it is, I think I'll do it all at home. A lot of people question this because of how lucrative your pay would be if you work here but I don't know, I think I'd much rather be home and be comfortable.

 I love the UK but I don't and can't see myself living here. Besides, it's still very expensive to be studying here and to live here. At home, I don't have to think of rent or what to eat for dinner later. I don't know, I'm a lot more comfortable at home. I know a lot of people are saying to 'break out from your comfort zone' and I agree but there are a lot more ways that I can do that, it just doesn't have to be living 10, 000 km away from home. 

I'll be turning 23 in about 2 weeks and half. I feel indifferent about turning a year older but it's the well wishes you get on that day that makes you feel loved and appreciated. I think I'll probably go have dinner with my friends here as we usually do. 

So to everyone!

May this year bring more joy, more fun adventures, more unexpected pleasant surprises, more new food favourites, more great music and movies, more dinner parties with the people you love, more riches and good fortune, more good days than bad, more love and romance, more family time, more hearty sakit-perut laughs and more and more reasons to celebrate your life and your days.

'Til my next post! 



  1. I love your blog! I've been a silent reader for a while now :) Happy new year Nadia!

  2. Aww thank you!! Happy New Year to you too, Alia Almaz Azni Shah hehe xxx

  3. You should visit Florence and Rome. So so so much art in Florence and Rome is just beautiful!

  4. Sounds like a dream kan! Thanks! InsyaAllah, I will! xx