Friday, January 9, 2009


I went to a fish spa today !

Experienced it with best of friends; Sarah, Ila and Suraya. I arrived the latest so upon arrival, didn't take much time to meet up with them. We went to Sushi Groove. Good thing I had lunch first, not a big fan of Japanese food (DON'T LOOK AT ME LIKE THAT!). 
Ordered a couple of dishes (I just kept shut. Partially, because the dishes were so foreign! Susah nak sebut pulak tu) and we talked and laughed. Sarah's Rock And Roll's Beef with Mozarella was good. Ila's Popcorn Calimari was equally tasty, I actually ordered another one. After Suraya downed her dish (which I may add, was thumbs up as well!), we payed the bill and we were off to the fish spa (basically, our whole agenda). We went to survey the one just a floor upstairs and we were already grossed out by the fishes. Psyched, of course we were, but one glance at the fishes and we were a bit grossed out. The first place we went had a minimum period of 30 minutes, and we weren't sure we would last 5 seconds, much less 30 minutes!
So we went to the one nearby Coca, and the first thing Sarah said aloud was, "GEMUKNYA IKAN!".
Ni paling lawak la. The place is called Cute Fish Spa and upon seeing the rather big fish (we had like really tiny anchovies in mind), Sarah blurted out, "KATA CUTE FISH, TAK CUTE PUN!"

We sat down but a good 10 minutes (or more) were spent screaming and laughing out loud. We even drew some curious audience which was just down right funny. I laughed so hard like 3 quarter of the time we spent there. Suraya's laugh made ME burst into fits of shrieks (disguised as a laughter of mine). I dipped my foot first because a part of me was so curious to know the feeling of little guppies sucking out all your dead cells. Ila followed suit. I screamed the first time and held Suraya's hand so tight. I got used to it but I still had the occasional geli, so I had to surrender and lifted my leg but other than that, it was down right awesome. Had the best time ever. For what we have settled for just 5 minutes turned to 10. 
Continued to laugh and shrieked, just not as loud as the first 10 minutes. 

After all that, we took some pictures to remind us of today. Suraya went back first and so there were 3. 
To sum it all up, the fish spa is such an awesome place. Like Ila said, we should have recorded before we even sat our asses down. The scene we made was so funny, boleh gelak mati. 
The fishes make you laugh because of how it tickles, but the best part was going through the experience with the girls. 

I love yous alls.


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