Friday, January 30, 2009


Itu Nisha pergi tag saya.

What is the craziest thing you have worn ?
I play safe so the craziest thing is basically shocking pink tights when I was 5 -.- Doesn't count

2) What is something you will never wear ?
A bikini. I'm conservative like that.

3) If you could have a any designer bag you wanted right now which one would you pick?
I'm still sticking to the Chanel 2.55 :(

4) What is fashion to you ?
I really can't come up with a definition right now.

5) Name one pet peeve.
People who claim they know everything and insist on being right when they're wrong from all aspects. 

6) Would you spend 1000 bucks on a handbag ?
Yes. But if only I have like a kajillion more cash in the bank.

7) What is the cheapest accessory/piece of clothing you own ?
Hosiery which I just so recently found out !

8) The most expensive ?
My Prada

9) Name the designers you most adore.
Stefano Pilati, Marc Jacobs, Alexander Wang, Luella Bartley

10) What do you think is most important for a designer to excel in ?

11) Next week you will wear ….
Depends on the week. Bosan bosan je nampak

12) Tag a few people.
Ila, Najihah, Sha

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