Sunday, January 11, 2009

Making A Statement now?

A week (almost) til 16th. Giddy in full mode.
List of wantings have been listed. Subtle hints have been dropped (on purpose, definitely) to Mum, and yet no signs of approval. Will continue doing so, at the same time, putting myself at risk for a yell fest. Heck, all for 16th, ay ?

First week of school has been all fine. Already under loads of work. Tiring as it is, will try to put it off because I am not about to break my resolution (BE RAJIN MACAM GILA BABI!) this early of the year. Hunting for a swimsuit isn't easy as it may appear to be. Nothing too provacative, can't you get that ? I can't find a decent one just yet, hence my intention to swim over at a friend's condo is still postponed. Darn.

[ HOLY mother of pearl, my feet is numb. You know that thing when you move your feet an inch, and the shock goes right up to your thigh? No? Anyone? Justice isn't served ]

This morning, I had a dream of me going to London. It took place at a similar location in my previous London dream. A sign ? GOD, PLEASE.
Am currently craving my guts out for Chocolate Chip Macadamia Nut from Famous Amos. UGH. It's killing me. Still counting on that supposed trip to Pavillion for presents. Money is slowly decreasing after spending on a short gray pleated skirt from Miss Selfridges. Not a sin, just a guilty investment.


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