Friday, January 16, 2009

Je Ne Sais Pas

I'm a sucker for The Hills and The City. Leaning more towards the spin off though. I watch it because of the clothes. Oh, the clothes. Have Mercy on those poor envied clothes. Olivia is god sent. She's an amazing dresser. Made me lengthen my already long To Buy list. 16th in a couple of days (I turn a decade and 6 years on January 19th, which falls on a Monday, a soft reminder by the way HEHE). Dad is still in the hospital, recovering from the operation he went through a couple days back. I now know where I get my queasiness at the sight of blood from.

Homework has been really up my arse. I have homework for ; Add Maths, Mod Maths, BM, English, and Agama.
I'm enjoying mod maths very much, needless to say. Save your gasps, it's not for long, I can already be too sure.
However, additional maths are not my cuppa tea. None my fancy. It's ridiculous. With the teacher going at 100km per second, understanding how it flows is a great ordeal altogether.
Not. Fun.

My daily routine circles around completing homework, watching American Idol (ANOOP GO GO!), going on fashion infested blogs, hospital trips, eating a lot, and working on my To Buy list yet again.

Obsessed with helium balloons at the mo, haven't the faintest idea.

Til whenever,

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