Friday, January 2, 2009

Er.. No

My feet are killing me. Limping my way up to the room is torture enough.

Woke up at 9. Left home to the hospital by 11. From there, went to school to buy school books (YES!) and we (Mum, Zaim and I) headed to OneUtama to buy school shoes. Wasn't difficult to choose mine. They all look the same, let me give you that !
Lunched with them at Nando's. After that, was my on my own whilst waiting for rakan rakan.
Met with Mira Alyssa (RINDU MCM GILA!) and Nadia E at Forever 21, talked for abit. Managed to get myself a grey top (too lazy to elaborate) and a shopper. Saw some nice things, it has been awhile since Forever 21 had something to offer. Went to MPH (the best place to be waiting for someone!) and nabbed (a very thin!) Teen Vogue, Leighton Meester as cover girl. Big fan.
I met Athirah and Diyana at Starbucks and because I was still waiting, I decided to order as well and sit with them for awhile. It has been too long since we went out together.

After receiving phone calls from the other 3, it was my cue to leave and met up with Najihah.
Then Ila.
At this point, my foot was begging for a flat smooth surface. Should have known better than to wear 4 inch heels, !@$£&()£

Basically, just walked around and Sarah came.
Walked around some more. Checked out some phones and 1 or 2 caught my eye.

I'm sorry for the lousy update, my feet is still in torturous pain.

For the knowing of the public ; I Need A New Swimming Suit So I Can Finally Swim At Ashley's.
Hoping my dad will get better so that they (my parents) can finally come home after a 4 day hiatus. Missing them already.

School's starting (!) SAY WOOT WOOT *woot woot*
Can't wait. Bak sini homework (<- As I am still very much affected by my feet still, said statement is not valid because I am not in my normal state of mind. Thanks)

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  1. Omg, my b**bies nampak mcm it's like so heavy. ewwww.