Tuesday, January 20, 2009

How To Blog


#1 Realised I have my BM tuition homework and that Bukit Kepong to read (much delayed, damn procastination!). 

#2 Diyana got me a great present : How To Walk In High Heels; A Girls Guide To Everything.

#3 Being so tired makes me want the holidays to arrive faster (!) so that I can have the pleasure of not worrying to wake up at the sickening hour of 6 am.

#4 Mama promises to make up for my non-eventful of a Sweet 16. Papa too. A brand new phone and laptop is still nowhere in sight but will, eventually (as promised). When my grandparents come, will feast at Le Meridien, oblivion to the increasing of pounds !

#5 I'm coughing non stop, reason still unknown. Made my voice all husky and rough. SUKA GILA ! LOLLLLLLLLLL (HI SURAYA!)

#6 Being inactive for basically all my  life, school wise, Form 4 is a fresh slap across the face. I cannot risk delaying my studies for curricular activities, my dad thinks the same so tuition have been arranged. I enjoy being busy as opposed to being stationary at home, so excuse the enthusiasm.

#7 Am loving Azzedine Alaia to bits and bits and bits and bits. 

#8 Full access to Dad's wallet (little that he knows)  have gained to a disappointing result (a payback of said sin?) of purchases. 

#9 Interesting formations of love interest have occurred. Much to my glee and frustration.

#10 Peer pressure has been a sole contributor to hedious looking eyebags.


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