Thursday, January 1, 2009


2009 has come.

I really have no mood to blog about the many events that 2009 has brought me on.
PMR was the best experience, I'm not kidding.
All that studying and going to the library, it's so worth it when you get those 8A's (or anything satisfying). For '92s, don't fret and groan when all those pesky exams (MONTHLY!) come your way. You're going to thank your lucky stars for them.

2008 best gila, rindu tak terhingga. Nasib ada blog. I can reminisce my days in 08 when I'm older and get a laugh from reading all of them.

Also, the friends I made this year : Najihah, Ila, Suraya, Dina. (': I love you guys so much, I will miss the days dekat class, masa Art (sorry Najihah, kau takde) and talk about the future and all.

Sarah, I love you, bestfriend for life. I appreciate everything you confide in me (termasuk benda yang berkaitan dengan harry potter and that-other-guy-yang-kitorg-tak-bagi-nickname-lagi) HEHE. Thanks for everything, baby boo. Dahla birthday nak dekat sama, kitorg soulmates tau tak. 
HI Najihah, kawan baru terbaik. Thanks for everything, I lap you. Banyak gila babi memori kami berdua. Jalan jalan di sekolah, cakap tentang benda benda yg tak sangka ada orang pun ada problem yang sama (seperti !@!$&@^). Suraya, if you do go to Asrama, I'm going to miss you heaps and heaps. Setakat cuti 1 bulan pun dah rindu gila, apatah lg nanti in asrama. I love youuuuuuuu and your funny laugh. Had the greatest fun keluar ngan you hari tu tengok High School Musical (': You're the best company, I swear
And Ila for being my rock. Shopping with you kaaaan, best gila (eventhough it was just that one time)! I love you til the end of the world. Out of everybody, I'm so proud of you for getting those 8A's, I know how hard you work (mana tak, selalu jumpa muka you kat library) and thanks endlessly for teaching me. Remember that time, kitorg makan ice cream lepas sekolah kat corridor ? LOL. Tak sangka ya kita dua ada masalah sama (': Love you
HAIIIIIIII DINA. You tahu, I've always thought kalau nak laugh about something, I'll come to you ? You make me laugh sampai sakit perut. Gaduh pun tak serious sebab you ngan I tak tahu pun punca gaduh tu. LAWAK GILA, serious, tak tipu. Sayaaaaaaaaaaaaang Dina.

Ntah asal tiba tiba rindu gila buat semua tu. HAHA. Dahla kitorg banyak kali gaduh, nak lawak je. 
You 5 make my day everyday.


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