Monday, February 1, 2010

Even Diamonds Start Out As Coals

  • Pavilion yesterday.
  • Had La Bodega for lunch and can I just tell you how fan-freaking-tastic the food is there ? I can't describe my love for the hot tapas they serve you.
  • Topshop keeps failing me. It's like a whole lot of nothing of 2 floors. Dahlah mahal tak ingat dunia. Tried on a monochrome horizontally striped dress (which btw made me look more curvaceous than ever). It looked like it was trying to channel Herve Leger bodycon dresses but failed. HEH
  • Cotton On Pavilion = Cotton On Body = best sleepwear ever.
  • The mess that was Zara. I mean, really, clothes that are not hung properly (as in, betul betul senget) to them lying everywhere made me hate shopping there.
  • The fake lashes in Mac were so tempting. I wonder how I'll look with long lashes.. MUST TRY
  • Met Grace !
  • My trip to La Bodega left me wanting more. Anyone up to treat me out, call me.

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