Friday, February 5, 2010

Over The Moon

Dreaded going to school but dah Friday kan, might as well, besides sampai 12:30 je kan. So I went. And I was so mengantuk and the boys thought I was emo sebab pagi pagi dah macam senyap. Hahahaha. School was alright, draggy but that's nothing different. Friday punya timetable macam penat lah. Add maths > Maths > Bio > Physics. Stressed !
Came back home and had lunch and slept. Til 3 ! My initial intention was to just skip my Physics tuition but my dad kept insisting so I did anyway. Tak basuh rambut pun sebab dah lambat gila ! Got there half an hour late and studied mirror/lenses/DAH LUPA. Mum fetched me and we went to +wondermilk because Tania pesan cupcakes. So indulged in my baked potato and Super Fries. Freaking yum !! Dah lama gila tak makan.

Got home and Mum sent me back first before taking Iman to get her dinner.


SURPRISEEEEEE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TERKEJUT TAHAP TAK TIPU LANGSUNG !!!! I WAS SO SURPRISED because I thought that if anyone does a surprise party for me, they'd fail because I can (supposedly) smell a surprise miles and miles away. But they proved me wrong. There was Sarah, Ila, Amy, Aimi, Aidit, Hafiz I., Hafiz R., Darren, Johann, Shahrain, Marc, Anis, Asif, Hisham and Hussein. Sumpah terkejut gila babiii, I had to steady myself. Aidit and Darren and my amazing sister planned this all out and they're freaking good at planning all this ! Freaking secretive too, at that. Tadi kat sekolah, they were all around school, and I thought they were involved with their own rumah sukan sebab cross country is tomorrow so I didn't suspect anything at all. Ada one time tu, Sarah ajak Ila keluar jap, SUMPAH ingat sebab KH punya benda tapi taaaaaak. And Aidit was like 'Why do you think we kept going out of class to jumpa orang?' Hahahaha I seriously thought it was all for rumah sukan and stuff. And apparently everyone knew ! It amazes me up til now that EVERYONE WHO KNEW ABOUT THAE PARTY KEPT MUM ABOUT THE WHOLE THING. Gila pandai tahap gaban nak keep a secret !! I'm so touched that they went through the trouble to check with some restaurants if they could accommodate 40 people but none could. So my surprise party was cancelled and my sister told me about this and honestly, I was a bit upset that it was cancelled but decided to let it go because there was nothing much I could do, takkan nak suruh dorang buat surprise -________-' Tapi sebab nampak 'emo', dorang buat jugak last last. I suspected that they were going to do it tomorrow (Saturday) sebab cakap nak 'hang out' to make up for my cancelled surprise party. Even my dear mother got into the act. She left her phone so she had to pinjam mine when my sisters called. MACAM SECRET SPY.
My mum was acting like her usual self and asking the question she'd normally would ask like 'What do you want for dinner?' and etc. Padahal my sister was telling her the current situation back at home like how many people were there and about food and drinks for them. BAGUS GILA K MY MUM BOLEH ACT ! Hahahahaha. I didn't suspect anything at all, like I've told you a million and one times already.

And I went home, tired, and I was already thinking of jogging for tomorrow (FIRST TIME!) but of course that was put on hold.

Though many couldn't make it (RACHAEL, SANJU, DEBRA, LI MAY, BRENDA, BELINDA, GRACE, JIA WEN, AND EVERYBODY ELSE!!) I was still the happiest girl tonight. It was a simple surprise do with pizza and sodas. Moved to the next house to play Truth and Dare and my new favourite game ; I Never or something like that lah hahaha. It's a game yang someone says 'I've never (done something you really haven't done)' and whoever who HAS done the thing has to stand up. HAHA. ILA TERER EH JUGAAAAAK

Nasib pergi tuition sebab kalau tak pergi, nanti macam slack sikit because everyone would be kelam kabut because I'm not supposed to be in the house and all. Thank God for Physics tuition that falls on Fridays ! ♥

I wish I could rewind the party all over again because for the first time in a long time, I fell in love with life and this party reminded me how amazing it can be with all the right people in your life at the right time.

I love my friends, who are amazing people for even thinking to plan this whole 'do. For going through all that planning (I know lah stress gila kan hahahahaha) and for discussing this behind my back the whole time through. I love my sister, Tania who was the mastermind behind this surprise. I love my mum for going with the flow and being a total sport about this. And Iman for successfully keeping this a secret dari dulu lagi because apparently she knew about this surprise even before I told her about TANIA's surprise party which was on January 17th. I'm so thankful for having such amazing people in my life.

I thank each and everyone of you from the bottom of my heart. Mark my words ; I'll remember this day til the day I die.


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