Friday, February 19, 2010

My day

Unlike most schools, my school reopened on Thursday which I still feel was unfair for the ones celebrating Chinese New Year. The streets were empty, I literally could run and jump as and when I like because everybody seemed to be sleeping in. Sarah greeted me with a huge ass present :') I love it to bits so thank you and much love to you, sweets.
Skipped tuition cause I slept in (is there any other excuse when it comes to me on Friday afternoons ? No) and well, that was it.

I'm stoked for Idol, the guys this year are all good. I'm especially rooting for Andrew Garcia cause man, that guy can sing his gut out. And Toddrick. And well, semua lah kan. I can't wait :B Every year, man, they never fail to hook me in.

Useless information in point form
  • I hate my new earphones. They are a waste of money, 50 bucks down the drain.
  • Jeggings are freaking revolutionary, they're my new favourite thing.
  • I am loving Sudoku.
k bye x

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