Saturday, February 27, 2010


A cousin of mine turned 12 today ! Is it me or are we growing up too fast ? I still can clearly recall our sleepovers and how we would play sister-sister and masak-masak and now we're so occupied with everything material. I'm in a way glad that I wasn't exposed to the internet at THAT young of a age like how some are these days. Man, seriously, it's ridiculous to know some 2-3 year olds have iTouch or some sort. DUDE, YOU'RE 2 ! What ever happened to playing outside and running around. No kid should be in a corner listening to their iPods. It's wrong.

I ran off topic.

My day was mundane. Woke up for breakfast at Raju's. It is of no doubt that the place serves the best roti canai. Macam tempat lain tak boleh/tak akan lawan roti canai at Raju's. Thennnnnn we went to Uptown to wait for my dad to finish his meeting so we waited at Vichuda yang serve minum lambat gila kalah siput babi. Papa took so long so we went to Jasema. Got myself a Harper's Bazaar (I know.. offtrack, orang beli la BUKU SPM!) but it said Fashion Issue and I flicked through and it looked good so I got it. THEN baru move to the buku sekolah punya part. Got myself some books.. and a pen. And I don't know how that should be public knowledge, SO USELESS.

Went back to Uptown and got my dad. And we went home. Turned down a trip to the salon because macam sayang nak potong rambut. Slept til 7, and we went to Alexis for Amelia's birthday do. Angelhair aglio olio is responsible for me feeling full as crap. Blah. I hate feeling so bloated.

What else.. ? Lady Marmalade is on and I googled what 'voulez vous coucher avec moi ce soir' meant and it means 'Would you sleep with me tonight?' Hahahahahaha okay, will keep that in mind o.o


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