Sunday, February 21, 2010


I posted this up mainly cause Chase Crawford is front and centre.

My day was so boring. Woke up relatively late, I don't know why. Only went down in time for lunch. Spent my day doing god knows what. Slept again in the afternoon because the couch was so sedap. My mum cooked laksa today and for the first time too ! And after reading Illi's tweet, I craved Muhibbah. So I'm hoping we can go and eat there tomorrow YUM YUM YUM.

When the flying puck am I going to start studying ? WHENNNNNNNNNNNNNN

I bought a Sudoku book yesterday after trying out one in Dina's book.. and I'm addicted. Like, I can't stop doing it. I may give up at times but I end up doing it anyway. Macam tak boleh homaigod like howww. Tapi best. So, who cares. BUT MY PHYSICS/BIO/CHEM LIKE DAMN CRAP K, HOW TO GET STRAIGHT A'S :'((((

K bye bye wanna go do some Sudoku til I barf numbers bye

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