Saturday, February 13, 2010


  • Valentines day celebration today at school. Roses + sweet messages made my day.
  • Went to OU at 4 to buy Jei See's and Hakim's birthday present for their surprise 'do at Kaveetha's. But last minute cancellation on Hakim's part because he was feeling sick but the party was still on (thank god for dual birthdays).
  • Haris made the day even more enjoyable with his spontaneous humour.
  • Hi you, it's been so long, thanks for bringing back all the memories. :')
  • Surprise party was surprisingly fun. Mosquitoes aside, the party consisted of singing and dancing like in a bonfire. Ila was so cute with her hyper dancing and singing !! Hahahaha.
  • RIP Alexander McQueen, a great loss to the industry.
  • Promised myself to start studying this week tapi so far, satu hari je. HEH.
  • Procrastination go shoo away.
  • Lovely day today. Lovely lovely lovely.

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