Friday, February 26, 2010


Skipped school yesterday because I feel icky and blah. Not solid enough to actually skip school but whatever. Malas k.

MAAAAAAN, my days are so boring, after typing out 'Hi', I went blank. Today pretty much was the same. Laid in bed, contemplated on studying, failed studying, makan, watched TV, continued lying in bed, and ate some more. Studied a chapters worth of Biology at night. It's a start.
Read the first few pages of Dear John and it got me engaged in it but I had to pull myself away for Biology's sake because well, just because I'm lacking behind in my studies and a good read should be put on hold til I get everything together. Diagnostics in a months time and I think it's bull. Can it at least hold off for another 2 months ? I'm still trying to put my shit together. Tensi.

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