Monday, November 10, 2008

And you are?

You know what I really want to do ?

I want to go swimming. (But I shall have to buy a swimsuit first since mine is 2 sizes too small.)

Also, at Zara, there was this pretty chiffon blouse with small prints of purple I-Don't-Know-What scattered on a black canvas. Empire waisted, I think? But the price tag was a bit heavy for my ever decreasing savings. I'm still waiting for mum to reimburse the money (MY DUIT RAYA!) I have been spending on my own expense. I hate spending my own money. True, it practices one's self to be independent in the near coming future, but I just can't. Unless the item of purchase doesn't get the nod of approval from Mother, than I shall buy it on my own. Sigh. Let's savor our youth, boys and girls.

Hopefully, tomorrow will be spent roaming the shops in Telawi Street. I admit, I have a tinge of doubt that I'll be able to find anything for myself but heck, it's cheap! I shall buy some birthday presents (which are LONG overdue) while I'm there. Presents excite me for some reason. May it be receiving or giving, they bring a great vibe. (I can't help but imagining my Sweet 16 when talking about presents, HOHO)

And.. I'm out of topic.

Will blog soon when mind is in full gear (whatever that means)

Til then, Au Revoir !

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