Thursday, November 13, 2008

Main Mane

Sexy gila babi nak mampus nak mati, righttt, grr, I want her hair (lips pun boleh jugak).

It's so freakin' sexy. Like, you could wear sweat pants and a greasy top but I swear to God, you'd still look like a Hair Goddess (whatever THAT is).
I. Can't. Stop. Looking.
Ok, I vow to care for my hair (it rhymed!) in order to be in that shape. My hair is still in a bob (ish) so hoping it'll grow fast so that I can enjoy having long hair to swish all around and doing all sort of things (like tying my hair up in a tight chignon without using anything, not even a lousy bobby pin! Cheers to me!).
Any clue as to is hiding under that beautiful mane?
I'm thinking Hilary Rhoda but it could be anyone.
Orange lips too, I loike.

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