Monday, November 17, 2008

I Spoke To Soon,

Hi, I'm back.

Kind of.

First, I'd like to apologize for the unmentioned hiatus. On a previous post (Venticinque which means 25 in Italian, by the way), referring to Fact #6, I fell sick. Terribly sick, in fact. I have slowly recovered. Though my mouth is dry 24/7 (literally, people), I am coping. Slowly but surely.

I fell sick on Friday morning, and I could feel it coming. Why ? Because I felt my body heating up by the minute and I sweat a lot, a rare occasion for me. I also started to feel thirsty, which is also rare considering I'm not a fan of plain water and well, especially not in the morning. It was also the day that I had plans and I had to cancel them. Darn.

So yeah, things got worse by the day and I haven't been doing anything much but to lie in bed and well, moan and grunt. And sweat. I hate getting sick. Like I mentioned earlier, I rarely get sick and if I do, i'm like half dead. Which I was. Thankfully, I'm coming out of that hell hole. Anyway.

I don't really have the mood to blog and I don't want to push myself to doing anything much right now since that'll only make things bad when it finally starts to turn better. Besides, I think I spoke too soon. I'm feeling a bit dizzy and I'm starting to sweat.. again.


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