Tuesday, November 4, 2008


This is how I conduct myself in a grocery store.

Mum told me to get some groceries and she honestly looked tired after following my brother on his on going quest for a tuxedo (reason remain unknown). So I did. With a scribbled list (courtesy of little sister) in hand, I went. Is it me or the worst trolleys are deliberately trying to crush me down. I ALWAYS choose the old and squeaky ones. If karma DOES go around, what have I done ? Oh well.

Anyway, I just realised it was my first time on my own in a grocer. And the first on my list was all sort of detergen. Easy enough ? Think again. There were SO MANY KINDS OF FREAKIN' DETERGEN. My mum warned me though, "Don't call me just to ask what colour they come in. PICK ANYTHING'. So calling was not an option anymore. Out of the 6 (i know, it seemed like 10 to me) items, I only managed 4 -_-

Something tells me i'm not ready for the independent lifestyle. I'm down with that.

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