Saturday, November 8, 2008

Mass Appeal,

Ok, yesterday.

I finally went to school after what seems to be forever. Was told by friends that we would retrieve our form 4 books. Found later, however though, we won't. Since the form 4's haven't returned their books, how in the world would we get them, no ? Najihah, Dina and Suraya decided to go back home at the mere hour of 9. So, after good bye's, headed up to the computer lab (air conditioned, explains why we even made the effort to go up the ungodly amount of stairs) and played Pictionary. Shared some laughs because everyone's drawings were either unrecognisable or mistaken as something else. Brenda forgotten what was tumbler and drew a tupperware instead. Rachael and I won (SEP!) and just after Ashley wrote movies on little pieces of paper, we were dismissed by the bell. Belinda, Brenda and I went down for recess. After a seemingly long talk, the twins went back and I assumed the rest did too. So I went back at about 11.35. Had an early lunch and rested since I didn't get any sleep the night before. Went to OU at 2. Being the early one, went to MPH to get a book. Met Lydiya and chatted with her whilst waiting for friends to arrive. When Najihah called, hugged Lydiya bye and met up with The Distressed downstairs. After she was whisked off with her knight, I played solo again.

Walked around and decided to sit down on one of the many benches when I met Ashraf who was on his way to play Daytona. Ofcourse, he insisted me playing as well, I knew very well not to play with boys anymore to save myself from ultimate humiliation. After ALL that, he finally went up and I was still downstairs. Met up with Debra and boyfriend, Nicholas, Li May and twins at Waffle World. Drank coke and we went up to play games. Twas not a good 'game' day, I shall admit. Lost at everything -.- Was laughed at, even. *coughSYAKIRandASHRAFcough*
Played bowling but I wasn't really up for it though I was the one who suggested it. Soon after, my thumb was sore. Met a lot of people, though. Some eye candy too (;

Hahaha, was so tired so I slept relatively early (2230 baby!) and woke up at 11am. Pleasant night. Pleasant day.


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