Thursday, November 20, 2008


OK. I've settled for just bad phlegm-y cough.
Hoorah !

Since getting all sick, my activities (if any at all) got cut short. My days were spent feeling miserable and dizzy on the bed. Standing up was a torture. Eating my meds was well, worse. Movements were kept to a minimum and sleeping became the main agenda. I practically didn't eat much since my taste buds decided to take a hike and everything I consumed tasted like vomit hence making me lose my appetite. I personally felt like I did shed some pounds but I don't think I actually have. But my stomach's never been flatter (HAHA!).

Moving on

I FINALLY got hold of Aina last night and we spoke for 2 and a half hours and had my expected laughs with her. Serious fun. She told me a couple of secrets and stories about her school life in Melaka and in return, I told MY share of stories from this side of the pond and she said, "Damn, and I thought my school ada banyak drama"
Tahu takpe.

Ok, i'm so blank, boring gila babi kat rumah tau tak.
Grr. Lama tak jumpa kawan dah.
OH yeah, RINDU NAJIB !! Selalu ada online, culture shock, tiba tiba takde haha.
Soon, habis, sampai pukul 4 la maki model ada lemak

The phone is being dismissed these days. It's gone crazy anyway. Charging seems like a chore as opposed to just plugging the damned wire in. It needs to be moved and shaken vigorously before I can see the battery bar blinking on the pathetic screen.
I don't know why I'm telling you this little known fact but seriously, other than that, nothings really been on my mind.
Maybe the doubt of straight A's for PMR but I'm trying to push that away. :/
But I can't.

Tomorrow shall be spent at Aina's, laughing up a storm and stuffing our faces with food.
FINALLY, something fun to look forward to. Then again this weekend, hopefully. And a sleepover shall be planned, that'll be fun.

Time goes by so fast when you're doing nothing at all.

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