Friday, November 28, 2008

Oh, Love


Today, I went on an impromptu outing with Brenda, Belinda, Kristin, Li May, and Debra.

Watched Twilight with twins and Kristin. It was amazing. Some people thought it was boring. I thought otherwise. Maybe it's because high expectations were set and that the book was probably a million times better. That was an advantage for me, actually. I haven't read the book (BUT I BOUGHT IT TODAY! HAHA) so besides knowing Edward was a real romantic, I didn't know much about this whole book-turned-world-wide-phenom. I loved it and I'm actually going to watch it again with an old friend.

Edward Cullen (though I don't know him as much as those who have completed the book) is so handsome in the movie. He was a bit (too) pale for my liking but oh boy, he's something, alright. Especially when he wore those black Ray Bans and put his arms around Bella, baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaabi punya hot siallllllll.
He's too cute. It's like a sin, really. Sumpahhhhhh handsome. I smiled whenever he came on screen. Ok, maybe shrieked a couple of times too. BUT THAT DOESN'T MATTER.
Handsome bodohhhhh, dah officially jatuh cinta.
And that part when they played baseball and he fell with a laugh. Oh my godddddd, apa masalah diaaa nak dominate the whole female population of this world with his smile?

Masalah besar.


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