Monday, November 10, 2008

The Fun

I'm currently feeling dizzy.

Allow me to shorten this post so that I can get my tired arse upstairs for a good nap (READ:5 hour sleep).

Slept at Najihah's on Saturday night. Twas a whole lot fun. Took pictures. Made Miley&Mandy-esque videos. Laughed so hard at times. Sneaked out (HEHEHE).

Went to One Utama the next day. Played games as opposed to the same routine we've usually been doing. Sumpah lawak. Sumpah bengong. HAHA. It's nice to do something with a bestfriend like Najihah who doesn't give a care in the world when it comes to outings. We take chances and risks to explore the meaning of real fun. I love her <3
Buat lagi ok ?

As for now, let's relax, shall we?
I really need my Brands vitamin cause my energy is losing. Every bit of it.


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