Monday, November 3, 2008

Ok, walk

Coke is a great social equalizer because even Elizabeth Taylor can't have a better one than the average man. -Andy Warhol

I am living a very unhealthy lifestyle as of late. Sleeping at 4-5 am and waking up at the atrocious hour of 2-3pm. I don't even see morning anymore which means breakfast is always skipped and lunch is to be enjoyed at 4-5 pm. Holy Crap. AND as pictured above, I consume alot of Coke lately. My my. Doctor, please?

This is why I should start a new hobby. I'm picking up reading again but that doesn't seem to be enough. I finish a book in 2 days tops and I'd have to wait a couple more to actually BUY another one. The question asked is What The Hell Am I Supposed To Do In Those Spare Days ?. I've actually come to the worse conclusion of all which is to start studying next year's syllables which is said to be a huge contrast as to what I have been studying now. Oh no. My dad warned me to pay full on for next year and treat it as an exam year. What ? No Sweet 16 ? That won't do.

Speaking of next year, I have already planned ahead (blame it on the hours I have spent on the bed doing absofreakinlutely nothing) the activities I shall *oh shit my stomach's rumbling* try out. Turning 16 is going to be spectacular. Ok, I shouldn't put my hopes up too high and expect a big grande party but I'm definitely going to gather my friends for a dinner. Besides, I have my eye on this Sweet 16 cake for ages, so I HAVE to have an occasion to have that cake, no?


And I would love to learn to drive. Mum's hesistating, though. She reckons i'm still too young to get behind the wheel. But she's been complaining of being a driver to everyone in the family, surely having me to drive as an option would lighten the load off her back right? Right.

This post is so irrelevant, it's frustrating. Grr.

Someone suggest me to do something.

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