Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Shimmy Shimmy

One of my biggest pet peeve is the fact that some girls say their interest are solely for fashion. The catch ? They don't even know who Christopher Bailey is.

What is up with Malaysian women who absolutely LOVE toting a Louis V Monogram Canvas ? Aren't you a bit embarrass that someone else within a 10 feet radius is carrying the similar design only to be tweaked by the handles or size ? Try going to KLCC and count the number of Louis Vuitton's you'll come across. I had 50 in 15 minutes. No joke. I simply don't understand why they can't get themselves a Mahina instead ? Let's just say you DID buy yourself a MYR 3000 bag when you come across some other carrying the same one. The only difference ? She bought it from Petaling Street at a measly 50.
Oh the frustation.

[ I'm really sorry if anybody reading who owns one is offended. I'm just voicing out my hatred, that's all. ]

This was just something Arief and I chatted about. It's good having someone having the same issue as you. It helps venting out everything to someone who understands.

Now, if I could only drive ..

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