Monday, November 3, 2008

Cue the lights,

Do you have a band-aid ? Because I just scraped a knee falling for you.

Yes, I know it is complete corny but it's too sweet to pass up ! ((((;

I went to KLCC on Saturday. Watched (for the 3rd time) High School Musical 3 and came out feeling joyous for an unknown reason. I'm still so in love with the movie. My favourite part has got to be i) Gabriella and Troy dances on rooftop. Up tops for choreography. ii) When they got ready for prom (only to be a stage play for Miss Darbus), I have successfully memorized the lyrics to the prom number, 'A Night To Remember'. I am also so in love with the dance moves performed. iii) When Troy showed up looking handsome (in a tree) to surprise Gabriella. Too sweet.

Headed to Topshop and Kinokuniya after the movie but left empty handed. But oh wells. Dined at CPK, always a family favourite. Though, I still do prefer Fasta Pasta (which I miss so much, where are you?) but it was either that or nothing at all. Went back after dinner. Too many people, less enjoyment. Another day, another day.

I am so tempted to add Nick Jonas on myspace but am afraid he'll think I'm sort of a stalker since I have his picture on my myspace.
HAH, but then again..
.. who doesn't love their fans ?

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