Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Instructions: List down 25 completely random things about yourself and then tag people.

1. My full name is Nadia Zainudin Binti Zainudin. People snicker at the thought of how I have a male appropriate name in MY name. Long story.

2. I tend to tiptoe in any kitchen. So much so, my granddad will step on my foot so that I'd stand properly. I can't stand stepping on little crumbs of well, ANYTHING!

3. My attention span lasts for about 30 seconds.

4. One of my (MANY) pet peeves is when people tell me to 'Relax' or better yet, 'Chill'. I can't 'relax' so quit telling me to. Not only is it rude. It makes me feel embarrassed.

5. I like jazzy music. Dad's influence, of course. Babyface, ultra favourite.

6. I rarely get sick but if I do, macam separuh mati. Seriously, dengan tak boleh bangun dari katil lagi.

7. My interest in music is very minimal. I prefer movies. AND TV SHOWS

8. I have a birthmark on my left elbow so that explains why I don't like wearing short sleeves.

9. I'm not adventurous when it comes to ice cream flavours. I only have 2 choices. Strawberry (only if there is real chunks of strawberry YUM) or Mango.

10. I wish I had nice legs

11. I used to LOVE Filipino telenovelas. LIKE SANAY WALA NANG WAKAS. Sumpah best HAHA

12. Because I grew up to an English speaking family, it was real awkward speaking Malay and my friend once commented that I spoke Malay like how a Chinese would.

13. I have a weakness for Coca Cola

14. I'm convinced that I have grown up to socialize better with people because of Aina, uber bestfriend <3

15. I regret not continuing to learn the piano.

16. I get tired very easily

17. I don't play sports. AT ALL.

18. I used to buy all the pretty notebooks I could lay my eyes on. And pens! Because I loved writing things. Lists, especially. And dreams. HAHA

19. I'm freakin' lazy, it's not funny.

20. I'm a real kampung girl. I prefer eating rice wherever I am. But a contrast it is that I like eating at posh places.

21. I like my hair, hahahaha

22. I can't cook. Even I wanted to, I can't.

23. I'm so picky, it drives everyone crazy.

24. I don't usually get my way which disappoints me.

25. I'm uncomfortable with kids.

Ok, 25 random things, for the knowing of the public.


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